Healthy Saving Benefits
Save Money
Save up to $200 a month on discounted groceries through the end of the year! New coupons are added weekly. Save even more with coupon stacking!
3 Easy Steps
1. Shop for your discounted groceries in your local grocery store.
2. Scan your card or mobile app at checkout.
3. Save Instantly, live healthier!
Eat Healthy
Finding healthy foods is a breeze because everything that is discounted is healthy!
Your Local Stores
Use your Healthy Savings® card at your local Walmart, Giant, Kroger and other local grocery stores.

Find some great tips on saving and healthy eating from our Recipes and Articles here.

Use your Healthy Savings® powered by AARP Foundation card to redeem coupons at your local Walmart, Kroger, Giant, Food Lion and may others.
Discounts / Coupons
Discounts on foods like whole-grain bread, lean meats, yogurt, and more are added to your card and mobile app each Sunday, with a rotating selection of items to provide variety for your diet. The items included meet the “healthy” standards of the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Some of the Delicious Deal Highlights This Week

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